Veneer Composer Machine

Veneer Composer Machine

Product Introduction

1. From feeding, calib rating, cutting to gluing, splicing,stacking, pushing out, one-time automation.

2 .The rapid cooling system makes the hot melt g lue line stick to the bottom of the board more evenly.

3.Specialhigh-temperature,high-strength silk thread enhances the longitudinal tensile force and toughness of the product, and the veneer effect is more significant.

Working Thickness1-4mmMain Machine4.2m*2.4m*2.2m
Working Width60-1300mmVeneer Stacker4.5M*2M*2.5M
Working Length90-2600mmFront Drive3KW
Working Speed40m/minBack Drive3KW
Total Motor Power18kwFront Cut2.3KW
Working Pressure0.5mpaBack Cut2.3KW
Output Capacity300pcs/hLift2.2KW-6
ControllerPLC ControllerIntermediate Transfer1.5KW
Machine Installation Dimensions 3M*3.1M*2.5MDrop Board Transfer1.1 KW(frequency conversion)
Net Weight 6 TonPush Board Transmission1.1KW

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