4 Feet Spindle-Less Veneer Peeling Machine

4 Feet Spindle-Less Veneer Peeling Machine

Product Introduction

1.Oil-immersed lead screw to ensure its service life,more durable, wear oil window at a glance.

2.Electroplating roller

All peeling rollers are quenched and electroplated to increase the- hardness and service life of the peeling rollers.

3.The oil pump automatically alarms for oil shortage,and automat-ically lubricates the guide rail in time according to the usage. 

Timber length1300mm
cutting diameter500mm
Core diameter of remaining25mm
Thickness range0.4-4mm
Peeling speed65m/min
Single roller motor power11kw
Double roller motor power7.5KW*2
Feeding motor power11KW (servo motor)
cutting knife motr power2.2KW (AC motor)
Conveyor motor power1.5KW
Auto thump remaining wood core motor1.5KW
The last veneer press motor1.1KW
Total power43.3KW
Single roller reducer modelR87
Double roller reducer modelR87
Feeding reducer modelR87
Cutting knife reducer modelRV90
Conveyor reducer modelRV90
Screw diameter70mm
Peeling knife size1400*130*12.7 mm
Overall dimension3500*1900*1600 mm

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